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  • Oct 14, 2023
  • 3 min read

Introducing Genie: Your AI-Powered Gift Ideas Generator

  • We are excited to introduce our new AI-powered gift ideas generator, Genie! Discovering the perfect gift is now easier than ever with Genie which provides thoughtful and relevant gift suggestions along with links to top-rated products for any occasion or recipient. Whether it's Christmas, birthdays, or any special event, Genie is your go-to platform for curated gift ideas. Explore a new era of gift discovery and Try Genie today.  

    Overview of Genie and its Features

    Here is a quick overview of Genie and its wide range of features which are designed to simplify your gift shopping experience:
    • Personalized Gift Suggestions: Enter a prompt or take the guided quiz, and Genie will provide curated gift ideas along with top-rated products from thousands of retailers, tailored to your specifications.
    • Real-Time Product Data: Genie will return actual products (as opposed to just generic ideas) with real-time product data including aggregated ratings, pricing, and links to buy, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed gift buying decision.
    • Effortless Filtering: Refine your list of gift ideas and product suggestions by price, match type, condition, aggregate rating, or country.
    • No Sign-Up Required: We don't require you to have a GiftList account to use Genie so be sure to share it with all of your family and friends. For existing GiftList users, you can easily add items directly to your gift lists.
    • Free to Use: Genie is free to use for everyone. We may take a small affiliate commission on product purchases from some retailers.

    How to Use Genie

    For a visual walkthrough, check out our product overview video. Getting started with GiftList Genie is straightforward. You have two primary options: enter a free-form prompt or take the guided quiz.
    • Free-Form Prompt: You can input anything into the free-form prompt on the Genie landing page. For example, in the product overview video linked above, we entered "Recommend birthday gift ideas for my friend Lindsey. She is a 30-year-old who enjoys traveling, cooking, and designer items. Admittedly she's a bit bougie".
    • Guided Quiz: If you prefer a structured approach, the guided quiz walks you through a series of questions about the recipient to tailor the gift suggestions accordingly.
    Upon entering your prompt or completing the quiz, hit the "Generate Gift Ideas" button. In a few seconds, you'll receive up to five gift ideas along with top-rated product suggestions for each idea, complete with real-time pricing, aggregated reviews, and links to purchase. In our example for our friend Lindsey, we got a curated list of relevant gift suggestions including a luxury scented candle set, passport holder, gourmet cooking class, personalized travel journal, and designer handbag or wallet. Each gift idea has 10 top-rated products on the results page, however you can click the "See more" button to see all available products for idea. You can also filter by price, rating, match type, or country to refine the list of products. Once you find the perfect gift, simple click the product tile and you'll be redirected to the retailer's site to complete your purchase.  

    Tips for Getting the Most Out of Genie

    Here are some tips to get the best gift ideas from Genie:
    • Variety of Prompts: Try different prompts or opt to take the guided quiz to discover a variety of gift ideas.
    • Details: Try to give details about the recipient (e.g. interests, occasion, age, gender) and the gift (price range, thoughtful/unique/etc, country filter). The more details your provide, the better your gift suggestions will be.
    • Specificity: There is a sweet spot in terms of specificity. Try not to be to vague or too specific with your prompts. For example, "athletic" might be too vague, but "enjoys running on the beach in Barcelona" might be too specific. Continue to iterate with your prompt until you find the level of specificity that gives you gift ideas that align with your expectations.
    • Filtering: Utilize the filtering options to refine your list according to your preferences, ensuring the suggestions align with your budget and the recipient's taste.

    What Differentiates GiftList Genie from Competitors?

    You may be wondering what differentiates Genie versus Chat GPT or other AI gift idea generators. Well there are a few key differentiators:
    • 1) In addition to gift ideas, Genie also gives top-rated product suggestions. We built Genie to present products in a visually appealing tile format like how you'd view them on Amazon or another e-commerce site.
    • 2) With Genie, you get product links from a wide variety of retailers (not just Amazon) and faster response times than using Chat GPT's browser feature.
    • 3) Genie integrates directly with GiftList. If you have a GiftList account, you can easily add items directly to your gift lists.


    Our goal in building Genie was to revolutionize the gift discovery process, making the process intuitive, personalized, and hassle-free. It's not just a tool, but a companion in your search for the perfect gift. We invite you to Try Genie and we are excited to see how Genie can help you with your holiday or special occasion shopping.